Breaking Rules In Good Faith

A scene from Top Gun: Maverick about being insubordinate to do what’s right

Top Gun: Maverick is a movie about a legendary fighter pilot (Maverick) training other pilots for an “impossible” mission while getting a second chance to love and protect those dearest to him.

My favorite scene in the movie happens after Admiral Simpson “permanently grounds” Maverick from the mission and Penny tells him that he will “find a way” to return to protect his students. During a mission briefing, Admiral Simpson changes the acceptable mission time from 2:30 to 4:00 to make the mission possible but risk the lives of the pilots. Maverick hijacks the briefing from the air in an F-18, telling mission control to change the time for the simulation to 2:15. He successfully completes the simulation, making everyone believe the mission is possible, including the admiral.

The scene with Penny starts at 1:17:35 in the movie and the following scene with Maverick hijacking the mission briefing starts at 1:18:49 (available on YouTube).