Letting Go to Love

A scene from Awakenings about letting go of someone you love. Have you let go of someone you love to realize a deeper love for them?

Awakenings is a movie based on a true story about a boy named Leonard Lowe trying to live in an adult body after waking up from a 30-year-long coma.

My favorite scene in the movie is when he accepts that the medicine that awakened him is no longer working and that he must say goodbye to the woman he has fallen in love with. Tremoring from withdrawal, he gets up from his seat to shake Paula’s hand. She receives his hand and, as he turns away, holds it tighter, clasping his hand with both of hers. She rises from her seat and pulls him in close to her. They dance slowly. His tremors fade away. When they disappear completely, Paula cries.

The scene starts at 1:46:08 in the movie.

Ending the Love Chase

A scene from Mud about letting go of someone you love to live well

Mud is a movie about chasing the love of your life at all costs.

In my favorite scene, Juniper is standing outside her motel room smoking a cigarette. From the distance, Mud steps out from behind a large pole in an adjacent lot. She sees him and they meet eyes. He lifts his hand slowly, saying hello and farewell in the same motion. She lifts her hand from the walkway rail and shrugs her shoulder to say sorry, I can’t give you what you want. Her eyes water. Mud turns to walk away. She wipes her eyes, relieved. Not for herself, but for Mud because he is free of what caused him to become a criminal: chasing her.

The scene starts at 01:49:20 in the movie.