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Lost In Translation Scene: Romance Between Friends

Lost in Translation is a movie about falling in love while traveling in a foreign country.

In this scene, Charlotte & Bob are in a karaoke bar with Charlotte’s friend Charlie and his friends. After Charlotte sings Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders, Bob sings More Than This by Roxy Music. When singing the lyrics “More than this, you know there’s nothing…” he catches Charlotte’s gaze. She turns away with a shy smile. In the next shot, Bob completes the lyric with another “more than this”. This time, she doesn’t turn away. She wades in the love between them.

The scene starts at 00:49:42 in the movie (available on YouTube).

Scene Meaning

In the version of the script below, Bob sings I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline. Perhaps the song More Than This was chosen for the movie because, like the relationship between Charlotte and Bob, it feels bigger than romance. Charlotte and Bob also share a special friendship. When romance and friendship meet, it feels like there’s nothing more than that.

Scene Lift

I can relate to this. I saw Lost In Translation shortly after falling in love for the first time. Friendship came first. A flirtatious kind of friendship. There was little romance in the traditional sense. We snuggled and kissed once or twice and, like Charlotte’s gaze indicates in this scene, I wanted much more. But circumstances within ourselves and with relationships between others kept that from happening. Watching this scene helped me feel not so alone during that time. It also taught me how to not chase beyond friendship (and a kiss).

Scene Script

The scene is from page 72 of the Lost In Translation screenplay.

Charlie and Charlotte sing "Brass in Pocket" by The Pretenders ("you're special, so special..."), everyone is drunk now, as they all sing along at the chorus. WOMEN keep refilling the glasses.


Mr. Valentine sings a popular slow heartfelt Japanese song that everyone knows and sings along to. Charlotte and Bob look at each other, it is very foreign, but Bob likes being there with Charlotte and her friends.

She flips through a big binder of songs.

What do you feel like singing, Bob?

No way.


Bob sings "I fall to Pieces" to Charlotte. Charlie and everyone cheers for him.

Beer pitchers are replaced. Charlie starts singing "Angle". The little room is filled with smoke, Charlotte makes her way to the door to get some air.

By Robert Gibb

Practicing screenwriting and writer @ Scene Lift

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