Romance Between Friends

A scene from Lost In Translation about intimacy between friends and the desire for more. Have you experienced a romantic friendship?

Lost in Translation is a movie about falling in love while traveling in a foreign country.

In this scene, Charlotte & Bob are in a karaoke bar with Charlotte’s friend Charlie and his friends. After Charlotte sings Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders, Bob sings More Than This by Roxy Music. When singing the lyrics “More than this, you know there’s nothing…” he catches Charlotte’s gaze. She turns away with a shy smile. In the next shot, Bob completes the lyric with another “more than this”. This time, she doesn’t turn away. She wades in the love between them.

The scene starts at 00:49:42 in the movie.

Letting Go to Love

A scene from Awakenings about letting go of someone you love. Have you let go of someone you love to realize a deeper love for them?

Awakenings is a movie based on a true story about a boy named Leonard Lowe trying to live in an adult body after waking up from a 30-year-long coma.

My favorite scene in the movie is when he accepts that the medicine that awakened him is no longer working and that he must say goodbye to the woman he has fallen in love with. Tremoring from withdrawal, he gets up from his seat to shake Paula’s hand. She receives his hand and, as he turns away, holds it tighter, clasping his hand with both of hers. She rises from her seat and pulls him in close to her. They dance slowly. His tremors fade away. When they disappear completely, Paula cries.

The scene starts at 1:46:08 in the movie.

Hope During Hard Times

A scene from Cast Away about endurance and faith in life. Which challenge did you recently experience, and what gave you hope?

Cast Away is a movie about a man stranded on an island and his return to the woman he loves.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Chuck is recounting how the tragedy impacted his romantic relationship to his friend, Stan. How Kelly had to let him go after his plane crashed and enough time passed. And how Chuck, after trying to commit suicide, knew he had to stay alive. Not just for the hope of seeing Kelly again, but for the hope that comes from a new day.

The scene starts at 2:08:27 in the movie.

Sustaining Spirit in Startups

A scene from WeCrashed about returning to the heart when the soul of a company is compromised. Have you experienced “soul suck” within a company?

WeCrashed is a mini series about the founding, growth, and downfall of the commercial real estate company WeWork.

My favorite scene shows the founder and his wife returning to the essence of WeWork in the wake of “lifeless” formalities. They are frustrated by the robotic quality of the S-1 document that’s needed to take their company public and decide to replace legal speak with words of passion that align with the company’s mission. To tap into the spirit of WeWork and discover new words, they throw papers, center themselves, and strike a gong inside the WeWork headquarters.

The scene starts at 32:11 in Episode 7. You can watch this scene by subscribing to Apple TV+. There is currently no official clip on YouTube, but here’s the trailer to give you a taste of the show.

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Finding Soulmates with AI

A scene from Black Mirror about what it looks like to encounter a soulmate for the first time. Would you use artificial intelligence to find a soulmate?

The Hang the DJ episode in season four of Black Mirror is about finding love in a world run by advanced dating applications.

In this scene, Amy and Frank are looking for each other in a bar after AI-versions of themselves successfully complete 998 of 1,000 dating simulations. Amy studies the dating app on her phone with a picture of Frank. She spots him across the bar doing the same. They make the connection and smile. Then they’re somewhat stunned, trying to figure this connection out. A knowingness is felt, like the love the AI-versions of themselves felt in the simulation. After an infinite gaze, Amy walks toward him with another smile.

The scene starts at 00:49:34 in the episode.

The Kindle of Movies

What if you could save and share scenes from movies like you can save and share passages from books? The pieces are in place to make this happen.

Similar to how I return to my favorite pages in a good book, I like to return to my favorite scenes in a good movie. I like to reflect on them, write about them, share them, and live the deep truth within them. However, there’s no great way to engage with scenes in movies like you can with pages in books.

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Realizing Peace on Earth

A scene from Mary Magdalene about not waiting to live your best life

Mary Magdalene is a movie about the relationship between Jesus and his only female apostle, Mary.

My favorite scene in the movie is when Mary awakes and finds Jesus alive after death. He has realized the kingdom of heaven on earth. She tells the apostles what Jesus told her: that the kingdom of heaven is here, now, and that waiting for it is not the way. She tells them that the world will only change as they change and, as they change, the kingdom of heaven will appear. They dismiss her but she promises to spread the message about how peace can be realized in this lifetime, in physical form.

The scene starts at 1:45:02 in the movie. It’s not available on Movieclips but the trailer offers a taste of Mary’s fortitude in the scene.

Breaking Rules In Good Faith

A scene from Top Gun: Maverick about being insubordinate to do what’s right

Top Gun: Maverick is a movie about a legendary fighter pilot (Maverick) training other pilots for an “impossible” mission while getting a second chance to love and protect those dearest to him.

My favorite scene in the movie happens after Admiral Simpson “permanently grounds” Maverick from the mission and Penny tells him that he will “find a way” to return to protect his students. During a mission briefing, Admiral Simpson changes the acceptable mission time from 2:30 to 4:00 to make the mission possible but risk the lives of the pilots. Maverick hijacks the briefing from the air in an F-18, telling mission control to change the time for the simulation to 2:15. He successfully completes the simulation, making everyone believe the mission is possible, including the admiral.

The scene with Penny starts at 1:17:35 in the movie and the following scene with Maverick hijacking the mission briefing starts at 1:18:49 (available on YouTube).

The Courage to Speak Truly

A scene from Say Anything about choosing honesty over empty words

When asked what his plans for the future are, Lloyd chooses to speak from the heart instead of telling Diane’s father and friends what they expect to hear. This decision to choose honesty over empty words in order to impress lets Diane see Lloyd for who he truly is. He is rewarded with her trust and an unforgettable summer romance.

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Ending the Love Chase

A scene from Mud about letting go of someone you love to live well

Mud is a movie about chasing the love of your life at all costs.

In my favorite scene, Juniper is standing outside her motel room smoking a cigarette. From the distance, Mud steps out from behind a large pole in an adjacent lot. She sees him and they meet eyes. He lifts his hand slowly, saying hello and farewell in the same motion. She lifts her hand from the walkway rail and shrugs her shoulder to say sorry, I can’t give you what you want. Her eyes water. Mud turns to walk away. She wipes her eyes, relieved. Not for herself, but for Mud because he is free of what caused him to become a criminal: chasing her.

The scene starts at 01:49:20 in the movie.